Wool Sweater Care Instructions: Don’t Shrink The Knits!

Wool Sweater Care Instructions
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Follow these Wool Sweater Care Instructions  to add years of life to your sweaters – How do you wash a sweater? Carefully!

We highly recommend professional dry cleaning for Hobbie’s New Style school sweaters and cardigans knit in WOOL.  However, the same recommendation is extended for all pure wool knitwear.

wool sweater care instructions

Duplicate Stitch Detail On Wool Sweater

We’ve had too many unpleasant surprises even when the label stated that it was “washable wool“!

Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear is not responsible for damage due to shrinkage or felting if the garment is not cleaned using our recommended care method.

Still want to wash your sweater?

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If you have hand-washed a wool sweater or scarf in the past and feel totally comfortable doing this then by all means, hand wash your garment but please note that we still recommend dry cleaning for all our wool garments, and we will not assume responsibility for damage or shrinkage.

[yellowbox]Dry cleaning by a quality dry cleaning establishment prevents even the slightest shrinkage and preserves the finish or hand of the knit fabric.[/yellowbox]

What are the characteristics of high quality wool?

  • Luxurious with a soft hand;
  • Versatile and lightweight;
  • A good insulator;
  • It can be “washable” – we take this feature with a grain of salt. Although washable wool has been treated to prevent shrinkage, we would still prefer to dry clean the garment and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Wrinkle-resistant;
  • and absorbs moisture.

Wool Sweater Care Instructions

Listed below are care instructions for hand washing a wool sweater.

  • Use a high quality liquid detergent, specially designed for knitwear. We highly recommend Eucalan Lavender WoolWash – in the regular size or the gallon jug. Comes in unscented, jasmine and lavender.
  • The 8 ounce WoolWash is economical, the lavender scent is fantastic and it repels moths! Another plus? It conditions the fibers and as a no-rinse formula…it means even less friction on your garment.
  • Wash knitwear separately from other clothes to prevent friction against the yarn.
  • Do not soak, wring or rub too hard. This will prevent pulling the sweater out of shape and keep the garment soft. Wool tends to toughen up and “felt” the more it is handled. Wash with a light, soft touch.
  • To remove excess water from your sweater, roll it up in a fluffy towel and squeeze gently, or place in the washing machine for a very gentle, short spin. Yes, a short spin – the shortest spin your washer has and stop it before it is done spinning. We’re talking just long enough to remove the excess water that weighs down your sweater.
  • Once you remove the sweater from the spin cycle, it is important to reshape it while it is still damp. Don’t pull it out of shape – it will quickly grow a size or two.
  • Dry it flat – we use a sweater dryer – but you can dry your sweater on a towel, away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Do not tumble dry – it will cause felting and shrinkage.
  • This fact bears repeating – All knitwear should be stored folded, with the fewest folds possible. Definitely do not hang on hangers. Yikes!

It goes without saying that storing wool sweaters the right way also plays a great part in keeping them looking like new.

The American Sheep Industry Association has put together several fact sheets about this fantastic fiber. Click on the link above to read all about the history and processing of wool. The site also includes a file giving their care instructions for wool. You will need Acrobat Reader to read these .pdf files.

Ever wondered what happens should you decide to put your wool sweater in the washing machine?  It provide great wool sweater care instructions and the reason why you should use shampoos formulated to wash wool!

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