Harry Potter Sweater Vest: The Most Popular Knitting Pattern Sizes

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The Harry Potter Sweater Vest is one of the most requested Harry Potter knitting patterns in our collection of Hogwarts© styled knits.

In fact, soon after we opened Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear in 2002, the vest quickly became the top “special customizing request” from all wizards who live in warmer climates. It has remained at the top of our knitting pattern collection regarding popularity.

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We’re working on a brand new sample vest for each of the pattern sizes along with a complete re-write of the patterns.   The samples will serve to illustrate the patterns then put up for sale in our Shop in a collection titled “Costume Props”.

Harry Potter sweater vest

Harry Potter Sweater Vest Knitting Patterns

If you’ve knit this Wizard School vest [we know someone who knit more than 5 as Christmas presents :-)], be sure to share your comments below – maybe even share a photo!

Hogwarts Sweater Vest – Miss 10
Sweater Vest – Miss 12-14

Vests are a nice alternative to the long sleeved wizard school sweater.

This school vest pattern is for a sleeveless V-neck vest in regular length [vests are slightly shorter than pullovers].   It features ribbed bands at the bottom and around the armholes.  The neckband is a single ribbed band.

The same vest pattern can be used to knit either the Chamber of Secrets© styled school sweater vest or the later Prisoner of Azkaban© styled vest. We also offer the school vest pattern in sizes for children.

School Vest – Size 18 months
School Vest – Childs Size 7
Uniform Vest – Childs Size 10


Two Styles – Two Stripe Patterns:

For a “CoS” styled vests, the stripes are made up of an even sequence of rows in contrast colors. Add the stripe pattern to the neckband and the bottom of the vest body.

If you are knitting a “PoA” style vest, the stripes are made up of a narrow/wide/narrow sequence of rows in contrast colors. Add the stripe pattern to the bottom of this v-neck vest body for a garment perfectly suited to become part of the wizard school uniform seen in the later movies.

Read About Patons® Harry Potter House Colors

Patons® Classic Wool in charcoal greyWe now know that vests are part of the uniform and the armbands are solid colored – for both styles.

Until the release of the Prisoner of Azkaban© movie, vests were not part of the school uniform.

The Harry Potter sweater vest knitting pattern is quick, easy and written for the beginning knitter with experience in the basic techniques.

cardigan vest is a perfect compromise between the pullover sweater and the Wizard School vest.

Styled exactly like the long sleeve cardigan but without the sleeves.

Use Patons® charcoal grey Classic Wool for both the original sweater style and original vest patterns.

It just became a little easier to wear the complete Wizard School uniform during those blazing summer temperatures.

Prefer Knitting With A Sports Weight Yarn?

Each pattern file contains diagrams for the front, back, and bands along with related measurements.   All you would need to do is recalculate the pattern measurements with the new stitch and row gauge to come up with the proper number of stitches to cast on.

As long as you have the diagram with specific point to point measurements, you can knit the vest using different yarns.

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