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Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes: Best DIY Patterns & Tutorials

harry potter hogwarts robes
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Harry Potter Hogwarts robes – just in time for Halloween!  Be sure to check out the wonderful selection of DIY robes and pattern tutorials for Harry Potter® and Quidditch® styled robes I collected for this post.

In a hurry? Here’s is another great source for vintage sewing patterns and pdf tutorials.

These patterns are offered by Hogwarts© costuming fans who continue to strive for authenticity in style and colors.

Need a Wizard Robe ASAP?

We continue to collect the best resources on our Pinterest board but in this post, we’ve picked out some of our favorite patterns and tutorials. Some are fun, quick and easy while others are more time consuming.

Look over the current selection of Harry Potter and Hogwarts robes . The deluxe version of these House robes are still very popular!. Click HERE to see a well made Cosplay robe!

During the height of Harry Potter© movie premieres and book release parties and events, many website visitors came to Hobbie’s House (Custom Costume Knits) as a source for all things related to assembling an authentic Hogwarts© costume.

Start a Hogwarts© wish list!.

Finding Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes In 2017

In years past, we’ve always made a point of maching House colors with other crafters who produced costume props such as silk ties and robes  – especially custom made robes for both the regulation school uniform and the Quidditch© team uniforms.

In fact, we worked with several of these vendors to put together a completely color coordinated costume.

Since then, website visitors continue to contact us for references related to the purchase of authentic robes.

Be sure to add ties and other costume props to your Wish List!

Unfortunately our primary robe vendor went out of business several years ago but in this post, you’ll find our favorite DIY Harry Potter© robes created from sewing patterns and pure imagination.

 Rubie’s Adult Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Hufflepuff 

The results are beautifully finished and authentically created robes using the instructions found in a collection of amazing tutorials.

Some are whimsical and pure magic. Who knew a plain black t-shirt could so easily transform into a mini Hogwarts® robe?

The robes look quite easy to sew.

All you need are a few yards of black fabric (or a black t-shirt), some yardage for a full or partial lining in House colors! It looks like all these robes are quick to make!

Get out the sewing machine and make a beautiful Hogwarts robe to complete your Halloween costume. Or….

Check out this link for incredible prices on Harry Potter© robes!

If any of these images inspire you to break out the sewing machine and scissors, be sure to pin the images for future reference!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes

Deathly Hallows© inspired Men’s Deluxe Hufflepuff© Robe

Prisoner of Azkaban Hogwarts Student Robes

Prisoner of Azkaban Robes ©

Prisoner of Azkaban Robes – Photos ©

This tutorial from the propaganda_13 LiveJournal post dates back to 2006 during the height of the Harry Potter© book release and movie premiere events.  I know we were extremely busy during ’06 and the following year.

The tutorial is for a robe sewn from the modified Simplicity Sewing Pattern 5840 Misses, Men and Teen Costumes.  The Simplicity 4866 sewing pattern features the same cover photo as Simplicity 4462 which is also for Hogwarts styled wizard robes.

 McCall’s Sewing Pattern 3339 Adult S-XL Wizard Costume Simplicity 4866 Costumes for Kids Wizard Pattern Witches And Wizards McCall’s Pattern 3789 (Size Adult: Sml-Xlg)



Learn How To Make A Hogwarts© School Robe

Hogwarts School Robes

The perfect follow up to the listing above!  The Half Blood sisters based their Hufflepuff Hogwarts Robe tutorial on the one found in a LiveJournal post and took it several steps further.  They also found the ideal backdrop to model their finished garment.

This tutorial is clearly written, well illustrated, full of details with notes for adjustments where needed.  They even include a link to a video tutorial for welt pockets which we added below.  The results are spectacular – just like the location. Well done!   The Half Blood Sisters

How To Sew A Pocket Tutorial

Harry Potter House Robes – BurdaStyle Patterns

Harry Potter Robes Burda Style

Now don’t let this tutorial scare you.

There is no actual pattern but you can print each of the 9 pages of detailed instructions found under the “instructions” tab or download the entire set of directions saved in PDF format.

Make sure there is ink in your printer, get out the sewing machine, and brush up on basic sewing techniques.

The result is a wonderful costume piece. Be sure to check out the finished projects. Someone used this pattern to make Quidditch robes for an entire team!

Burdastyle Harry Potter Robes

Quidditch© Is Still A Wizard’s Favorite Game

DIY Quidditch Robes

It’s official! I want one of these comfy looking DIY Quidditch© style robes made in polar fleece even if I can hardly get off the ground riding the latest Nimbus broom model. 🙂

Need accessories? Goggles, broom and padded helmet on sale HERE!

Learn how to make spectacular costume pieces for the wizarding game or the school uniform with these simple tutorials using Simplicity© sewing patterns. The finishing touch is a House patch – easily purchased online. Polkadot Chair

Everyone Has 15 Minutes – Even On Halloween Night!

Harry Potter Wizard Robes In 15 Minutes
Seriously…how cute are these kids?

They’re beaming with pride wearing their last minute Harry Potter wizard robe made from black t-shirts and ready for an evening of trick or treating.

The ultimate in DIY simplicity, t-shirts (easily found in craft store like Joann and Michael’s) are magically transformed into wizard robes.  They’re super easy and quick to make for the younger set. Bravo Mom!  Pieces By Polly

When searching for Harry Potter Hogwarts robes, be sure to check out the wonderful selection of Hogwarts© styled Halloween costumes, DIY robes and pattern tutorials for Harry Potter® and Quidditch® styled robes.

Go for it!  There is more than one way to a complete your costume using one of these great tutorials for Harry Potter Hogwarts robes.

☑️ Resources: Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes

Sewing Instructions for BurdaStyle Harry Potter Robes
Harry Potter Ravenclaw costumes components: where to find top quality costume props from robes to sweaters.
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