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How To Reverse Engineer Knitwear: Easy Designer Sweaters

By Hobbies Gatekeeper / April 30, 2018

Reverse Engineer Knitwear – In this series of tutorials and articles, we are going to explore how to deconstruct and reverse engineer knitwear – any item of knitwear.    A little detective work will have you listing construction details but also sewing or knitting methods used to assemble the original garment.   Interested in reproducing a sweater? While some assembly […]


Unshrink Wool Sweaters: How To Fix Favorite Knits

By Hobbies House / July 12, 2017

Unshrink Wool Sweaters –  Washing and deliberately shrinking wool fabric to create felted projects is one thing.  But when the DH calls out from the laundry room with a cry for help because he shrunk one of his favorite wool sweaters… you have a completely different problem! Ever had this happen to you? The following […]


Turn Around Time – Guide To CCK Delivery Schedule

By Hobbies House / May 12, 2017

Turn Around Time – Delivery Schedule Although we are close to “never not knitting”,  knitting to our specifications does require a certain amount of time.  We also eat, sleep and more often than not – life happens. Standard turn around time (4-6 weeks) is dictated by the volume of orders we receive from all sources.


Misses RENT© Sweater Measurements

By Hobbies House / May 6, 2017

Misses RENT© Sweater Measurements – The following measurements are for a RENT© styled, medium weight, ribbed pullover sweater in Misses standard sizes. For a great fit, please note that this sweater is designed specifically for women – not for men. Post updated February 5, 2019.


Men’s RENT© Sweater Measurements

By Hobbies House / May 4, 2017

Men’s RENT© Sweater Measurements –  These are the measurements we use to knit the fully fashioned sweaters. Please contact us to discuss sizing and measurements prior to ordering. if the measurements listed below do not coordinate with your personal numbers.   The sweater’s unique “authentic” fit also plays an important role in selecting the correct […]


Sweater Care Instructions: Quality Acrylics Become Heirloom Treasures

By Hobbies House / January 27, 2017

Sweater Care instructions – These directions for sweater care have allowed us to keep sample sweaters knit more than twenty years ago in excellent, hand-me-down condition.  Knit with premium quality acrylic fibers. these sweaters are now heirlooms. Don’t throw that sweater, vest or scarf into the [popup_product]laundry tub[/popup_product] with the rest of the laundry!  Follow these […]


Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sweater: Secrets To A Great Fit

By Hobbies House / October 24, 2016

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sweater – Recently, the fit of ready-made pullover sweaters purchased online has become the subject of customer inquiries with questions such as “why don’t the sweaters fit corretly?”. We can’t answer that question because we have no clue as to the sizing measurements these companies use in the manufacture of their knitwear. But… we […]


Storing Wool Sweaters: How To Keep The Moths Away

By Hobbies House / July 2, 2016

Storing Wool Sweaters – We don’t all buy cedar chests or are lucky enough to inherit them (as I did) so what’s the best way to store wool sweaters? What are most effective methods to prevent costly damage? Let’s learn how to correctly store wool sweaters and protect them from moths and other pests by […]


Wool Sweater Care Instructions: Don’t Shrink The Knits!

By Hobbies House / June 2, 2016

Follow these Wool Sweater Care Instructions  to add years of life to your sweaters – How do you wash a sweater? Carefully! We highly recommend professional dry cleaning for Hobbie’s New Style school sweaters and cardigans knit in WOOL.  However, the same recommendation is extended for all pure wool knitwear. We’ve had too many unpleasant […]


Best Toddler Sweater Length? Read These Few Tips

By Hobbies House / April 29, 2016

The Best Toddler Sweater Length may not exist!  Today we answer another in our series of frequently asked questions by visitors to our website. The  question: What is the best toddler sweater length? Our Answer: First let’s determine where and how the Toddler sizes section appears on the standard garment industry sizing chart. Seems like […]

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