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Harry Potter Zipper Pulls: 5 Unique Charm Accessories For Vests Or Cardigans

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Harry Potter Zipper Pulls - As a long time sewing enthusiast, I've replaced my fair share of zippers, zipper pulls and even sewn made-to-measure zippers.  

Anyone remember the time when decorative zipper pulls were the rage?

I still have several large pulls that never made it off the cardboard backing and onto a zipper! 


☑️ Zipper Rescue Kits!

Not so long ago, I was still replacing zippers on school uniforms and gym bags using complete zipper rescue kits. Check Joann Fabrics and Crafts for all things that zip.

But can you imagine addina seperating zipper closure on a simple child's hooded cardigan (even a simple crewneck cardigan or v-neck vest) and then finishing it off with a decorative Harry Potter zipper pull?  

Bet the smile would go from ear to ear especially with the prospect of being able to collect them and change the character at will.

Vintage zippers were heavy, all metal and featured nothing more than aa simple tab pull with a small hole.  These heavy-weight metal and aluminium zippers are still available.

When polyester zippers ​made an apperance on the sewing scene, they were available "plain" with the regular style pull tab or at a slightly higher price featuring a slim tab that was much attractive. Remember the invisible zippers?

The fancy decorative zipper pulls were designed to dress up large zipper swen into jacket fronts.​

These cute character zipper pulls are available with hook or snap on closures.

​Harry Potter Zipper Pulls Dress Up Plain Sweaters & Vests!

Pick a simple pattern and knit a quick worsted weight cardigan in time for Fall.     You can knit it in our favorite Harry Potter© House colors using Paton's© Classic Wool in dark charcoal gray.

If you have a favorite pullover sweater pattern, you can make very easy by simply knitting the front in two pieces.

 Crochet a simple chain stitch along the front edge and voilà - a ready made edging that allows you to insert a seperating zipper.   All that is missing is a fancy zipper pull!​

Harry Potter Zipper Pulls

Assorted Collectible Character Zipper Pulls

Pick from a large collection of charming zipper pulls to attach to school backpacks, lunchbags and fleece jackets.  They make perfect party favors for girls and boys.

Harry Potter© Child's Size 10 Sweater Vest Knitting Pattern

Be sure to read through our various knitting patterns including this quick and easy pattern for a Child's Size 10 Harry Potter© sweater vest.

Check out our entire collection of Harry Potter© inspired knitting patterns.

What Size Zipper Do I Use?

In a perfect world, we would never have to guess at what size zipper is needed to complete a closure on any garment.     Sometimes, the sweater front is fractions of an inch from standard zipper lengths.  Adjusting the sweater edge is the answer in this case.  

An easy way to work around this situation is to knit a half zip sweater with the specific intent of using an 8 or 10 inch zipper.​

OR to make things very easy, you can use this!​

But what happens when you routinely create custom sized sweater and garments?  There is an easy fix to this dilemna.   It's called zipper tape!  

Zipper tape is available in a beautiful assortment of standard colors as well as a super slate grey that would work for any Harry Potter© inspired knitting projects.

It's the perfect knitting project for Wizarding fans - quick to knit, easy to alter into a cardigan vest and perfect to accessorize with quirky collectible Harry Potter zipper pulls.

Happy Knitting!​

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