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Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater: Easy & Free Knitting Patterns!

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Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater: Are you ready to knit a cardigan using one of our free Harry Potter knitting patterns?

Knit one, or maybe two versions of this versatile addition to your school uniform or regular Fall wardrobe – before the mercury drops or in time for Halloween.

The free knitting patterns for the Harry Potter© school cardigans will result in garments similar to the sports weight cardigan we sell in a custom made version.   The style is similar but the patterns call for worsted weight wool

Click HERE to see more medium weight yarns in Fog grey, Currant and Denim blue.  This combination acrylic and wool Grey Frost is the perfect “main color” in a double knitting yarn!  

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Free Patterns For The Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater

The style of the cardigan in the knitting pattern is identical to the one we sell.

However, due to the use of worsted weight yarns, these patterns will produce a heavy weight cardigan heavier in weight – more of an “outdoor weight”.

Now available is the “OOTP” cardigan in a Misses X-Small 2-4 size.

The X-Small comes close in measurements to a Child’s 14. Only minor changes would be needed, if any.  For the ladies, we currently have two Miss sizes:

Need a Plus size school cardigan pattern?

The Ladies 44 Wizard School Cardigan knitting pattern with 8 pages of detailed instructions includes diagrams.


 Harry Potter Gryffindor Girls Cardigan Harry Potter Slytherin Girls Cardigan Harry Potter Ravenclaw Cardigan Plus Size Harry Potter Hufflepuff Cardigan


About The Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater

The Harry Potter© style cardigan sweater is nearly a duplicate of my school cardigan.  For me, cardigans remain a go-anywhere type of garment.

Wear it as a light jacket during fall. Layer it over a turtleneck and sweater to brave chillier temperatures.

Even as day students, the prefects expected us to be dressed in our complete uniform every day of the week. The only exception was gym class, and even then, we wore a uniform.

Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater

Not So Optional!

Although the school cardigan was considered an optional part of the school uniform we were expected to wear it.

Not only were we expected to wear the school uniform at all times while on school grounds, we were also expected to arrive each and every morning, dressed smartly, neatly groomed and proud to be wearing THE school uniform.

The school cardigan was the only optional piece of the uniform that allowed for a small degree of individuality from one student to the next.

Emblazoned with an intricately embroidered House patch, and our initials, the school cardigan was the only piece of the uniform we did not mind wearing on school grounds or off!

 Hogwarts House Crests Robe Emblems Harry Potter Iron Large Hogwarts House Shields Harry Potter Robe Iron All 4 Houses and Hogwarts Patch (5 Patches Set of 4 Hogwarts House Crests EMBROIDERED PATCH


The cardigan was cozy and knit in lightweight Italian wool.  Huge side seam pockets allowed us to tuck in our hands on chilly mornings.

Definitely remembrances of things past…

We designed the Harry Potter cardigan sweater to be just like the cardigan of our school days with comfortable drop shoulders, deep V-neck front with the 5 buttons and just long enough to pull down when sitting on cold marble steps during break times.

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