Sweater Care Instructions: Quality Acrylics Become Heirloom Treasures

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Sweater Care instructions – These directions for sweater care have allowed us to keep sample sweaters knit more than twenty years ago in excellent, hand-me-down condition.  Knit with premium quality acrylic fibers. these sweaters are now heirlooms.

Don’t throw that sweater, vest or scarf into the [popup_product]laundry tub[/popup_product] with the rest of the laundry!  Follow these directions for the best in sweater care and the knitwear you purchase from Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear will look good for years to come.

We use quality wool and acrylic fibers and attach appropriate [popup_product]care labels[/popup_product] to all our products. Note that the same care instructions can be applied to any sweater, vest or cardigan.

In a hurry to wash and store your knits? Here’s everything you need for sweater care

Sweater Care Instructions: Our Knitwear Falls Into Two Categories

  • Sweaters in 100% pure wool from a famous mill with color trim in pure new wool of various brands such as Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride, Dale of Norway and Plymouth’s Galway.
  • Sweaters and scarves in 100% high quality, imported acrylic, with easy to follow care instructions.

This is as good a place as any on this page to state, emphatically, that along with the correct washing or dry cleaning method that…
Sweaters should never be stored on a hanger even the non-slip, so called “sweater” hangers.

Over time, the weight of a sweater will pull it down and stretch it out of shape.

Get into the habit of folding the sweater with the fewest possible folds possible.  Click HERE to read more about storing wool sweaters.

High Grade Mesh Wash Bags <br> Great ForHigh Grade Mesh Wash Bags
Perfect For Sweater Care!

Along with the Chamber of Secrets® styled Wizard Scarf,  our pullover sweaters, vests and cardigans are knit in 100% high quality, premium imported acrylic.

What are some of the finer points of quality acrylic yarn?

  • Great wash and wear characteristics
  • Super color fastness
  • Soft to the touch
  • Easy to care for
  • Keeps its shape
  • Quick drying
  • Durability – it is resistant to shrinkage, fading, and moths!

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Care Instructions For Acrylic Sweaters:

  • Wash knitwear separately from other clothes to prevent friction against the yarn. Turn your sweater inside out and use a special sweater care bag if you have one.  Mesh sweater bags are a must for drying too!  Ready to untangle all that fringe? 🙂
  • Machine wash in the delicate/hand wash cycle using cold water. We use cold water for everything!
  • Rinse in cold water – If you like, you can add a small amount of fabric softener to the final rinse.
  • Machine dry at a low temperature and remove promptly.  Still damp? Continue to dry on air fluff until completely dry.
  • Warning: A damp acrylic sweater will stretch totally out of shape and dry to whatever shape and size it was when still wet.
  • Do not wring or iron. Do not hang your sweater. Fold it carefully with the minimum number of folds.

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All our acrylic sweaters and scarves have a sewn-in care label attached to the left side seam.  Wool sweaters also have a sewn-in label advising to Dry Clean Only.

Ever wondered how to interpret the [popup_product]universal care symbols[/popup_product] seen on most labels?

Lion Brand now uses the care symbols found on most brands of yarns. Click on the link below to review the symbols found on their labels and how interpret them. You’ll be glad you did.

 Customized Care Labels For Clothing Pre Cut Printed Wash Care Labels Fabric Printed Wash Care Labels

The Wizard Scarf

Place the scarf in a [popup_product]mesh laundry bag[/popup_product] to prevent fringe from tangling with other items in the washer, such as the School Sweater. If possible, wash the scarf by itself.

Machine wash the scarf in cold water and the gentle cycle using a mild liquid detergent.

Dry on low heat [knit or delicate setting – with or without a dryer sheet] and remove promptly. Do not wring or iron.

Acrylic School Sweaters, The Team Sweater & Socks

All are knit in the same 100% acrylic yarn. The sock heel and toe are reinforced with nylon thread.

Machine wash and rinse in cold water/gentle cycle. Dry on delicate/low heat. Remove promptly. Do not wring or iron.

The RENT© Sweater

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact MiniThe Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact MiniPerfect For Knits!

The RENT© sweater is knit in 100% acrylic.

Turn the sweater inside out before washing and preferably by wash the sweater by itself so that friction from other garments does not damage the surface of the stitches.

Machine wash in cold water/gentle cycle, with liquid detergent. Pass trough spin cycle and then dry on delicate cycle [about 15 minutes] with low heat.

Remove promptly. If the sweater still feels damp to the touch, place back in dryer and run through the same cycle again, checking every five minutes to ensure the sweater is dry.

Acrylic is notorious for stretching out of shape if handled when wet, even when damp. This is particularly true for this sweater – the weight alone would stretch it when damp.

It also goes without saying that you do not wring or iron this sweater. Ribbed stitches will spring back to size and shape quite nicely as long as the sweater is thoroughly dried.

Knitting your own sweaters and scarves? Tags from the EKnits Yarn Boutique are super cute and can work to note any combination of fibers and care.  Just tag them with the matching symbols found on the yarn bands!

 Knitting Care Tags – Just for You Orange Knitting Care Tags – Sweet Baby Green

For both wool and acrylic knits, be sure to follow these easy sweater care instructions!

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