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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes: Top Quality Props

By Hobbies House / June 15, 2017

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes  The first Harry Potter © styled sweater I knit was a Hufflepuff© school uniform sweater but the second and third were knit in Ravenclaw© colors! The blue and dove gray of the House of Ravenclaw© ranks as the second most popular requested color combination for our school sweaters and scarves.


Most Popular Freddy Krueger Sweater Colors

By Hobbies House / May 26, 2017

Freddy Krueger Sweater Colors – Our Freddy Krueger sweater pattern is a simple design with wide stripes and a minimum of shaping and finishing.   Quick and easy to knit up, this is one of the most recognizable sweaters at Halloween! The stitch is plain stockinette with the only patterning required being a change in colors […]


Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes: Best DIY Patterns & Tutorials

By Hobbies House / September 7, 2016

Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes – just in time for Halloween!  Be sure to check out the wonderful selection of DIY robes and pattern tutorials for Harry Potter® and Quidditch® styled robes I collected for this post. These patterns are offered by Hogwarts© costuming fans who continue to strive for authenticity in style and colors. But…


Buy Harry Potter Scarves: Get Popular Styles!

By Hobbies House / August 15, 2016

Buy Harry Potter Scarves We knit the scarves in several styles!   Harry Potter scarves in all styles are still everyone’s favorite – from the Chambers of Secrets© wide stripe version, to the Prisoner of Azkaban trapped-bar style and the Goblet of Fire ribbed scarf! The Beast version looks positively splendid! In a hurry for a […]


Harry Potter House Colors: Compare Best Knitting Yarns

By Hobbies House / July 15, 2016

Harry Potter House Colors – Here is our guide to locating yarns in authentic colors but what are the House colors for Wizard School aka the Hogwarts® Uniforms worn to class? Here again, there are many differing opinions as to what constitutes “authentic” shades. Harry Potter House Colors – Authentic or Not? Do you own an original […]


Superhero Sweaters: Marvelous Knits For Halloween

By Hobbies House / July 10, 2016

Superhero Sweaters – We’ve started a collection of marvelous knits for Halloween.  We’ll be knitting one of a kind sweaters, cardigans and more.  Just to keep the design juices flowing. For the first time in years, our knitting equipment decided to show signs of wear and tear.  We opted for a complete overhaul rather than […]


Inexpensive Halloween Costumes For Children: Easy Does It!

By Hobbies House / May 25, 2016

Making Inexpensive Halloween costumes for children are not that difficult to find but why not consider a homemade disguise or going the DIY route to create a unique costume for your child? Need ideas for easy and inexpensive Halloween costumes for children?  Martha Stewart Halloween 2015We’ve come across a few amazing tutorials for spectacular costumes […]


Order The Best Harry Potter Cosplay Costumes

By Hobbies House / April 14, 2016

Assembling Harry Potter Cosplay Costumes –  Here is a collection of the best Harry Potter® characters costume ideas, quality props and accessories for wizarding fans. You know what they say – accessories make the outfit and the same holds true for costumes especially wizard costumes and the Harry Potter® character costume.  In Cosplay, authenticity sits at […]


School Uniform Cardigans

By Hobbies House / April 6, 2016

  Buy Men's Cardigans Wizard school uniform cardigans –  We’re talking Hogwarts® styled replica school uniforms cardigan sweaters as seen in the Order of the Phoenix® movie. We’ve sold hundreds of the school uniform cardigans in all House colors. The Wizard School cardigan is a classic knit in the dark charcoal (nearly black) 100% wool. Easy to […]


POA School Sweater: Show Off Your House Colors!

By Hobbies House / April 6, 2016

POE School Sweater – First introduced in the Prisoner of Azkaban® movie, the POA school sweater is another traditional style of school uniform sweater. It represents a nearly complete change from the original wizard school uniform and it took everyone by surprise. Many fans took to it right away while others still preferred the original […]