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RENT Musical Costumes –  Since 2005, we’ve custom knit the sweater and scarf worn by Mark Cohen in the movie version of the Broadway rock musical.

Our sweater and scarf was worn by “Marc Cohen” in the 2013 Buenos Aires CETEM production of RENT® the musical.  All photos in the playbill poster above are the copyrighted property of Jonathan Castellari of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our sweater is closer to maroon and light blue (rather than the red and blue described in the original script written for the stage) and the scarf is dark navy and white.  Both are knit to come as close as possible to the colors of the sweater and scarf seen in the movie version of the popular musical.

Most of our RENT® inspired sweater and scarf sets are custom knit for the lead character in High School drama and theater productions, as well as community theater productions across the United States from California to New York, Canada, several European countries, and even Down Under!

Customers include:

  • The Biloxi Little Theater
  • The Kokomo Civic Theater,
  • M.I. Productions,
  • The Durham School of the Arts,
  • Santa Monica College Theater Arts Department,
  • The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
  • The Home Town Acting Studio of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  • Guernsey Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Club
  • The CETEM Production, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • The CAPA program, Churchill High School, Livonia, MI.
  • Trumbull High School, Trumbull, Connecticut
  • The Little Theatre of Jefferson City

RENT musical costumesThe photo at left not only accurately shows the colors we use to knit the RENT® styled sweater but it also demonstrates a key point in the fit of the sweater.

Not only does the sweater design replicate a certain fit, our sweaters are also specifically knit to fit men or women or juniors.  If so requested, they are also custom knit to your personal measurements.

The fact remains that the fit is tied to the figure.  Yes, technically, the ladies can wear a man’s sweater.  We have all borrowed a boyfriend’s sweatshirt, jacket or a favorite oversized sweaster.

If, however, you are looking for authenticity in the fit of the sweater, the more fitted a sweater is the more it needs to be designed to the figure of the person wearing it. Men should order Men’s sizes and the ladies should order the sweater in Misses sizes.

As a general rule, all clothing designed for men will have deeper armholes (in length), longer armlength and a longer total body length.  Men also do not need the extra width at the bustline.

This in turn affect the depth of the armhole “cut” (the sleeve cap). The cut of the armhole is shallow for the men and deeper for the ladies.

None of these details matter when you are weating an oversized sweater where the intent is to have all that extra room as part of the actual design. As an example, the armhole for our Men’s 42 is a little over 9 inches (total of 18 inches). In an “oversized” size 42, the armhole is more than 21 and half inches in total circumference.

Photo © Manuel Mazzaro - CETEM Production of RENT© Buenos Aires Argentina 2013

Photo © Manuel Mazzaro – CETEM Production of RENT© Buenos Aires Argentina 2013

More About RENT Musical Costumes…

The sweater seen in the RENT musical costumes is very fitted.  In fact, so much so that our original customers were not expecting it to “fit like a glove”.  Many considered it too small.  What they did not like was the close fit.

This is when it becomes important to order Misses sizes for the ladies and Men’s sizes for the men.  It is also important to provide us with accurate personal measurements so that we can help potential customers determine the size that comes closes to a perfect fit for this sweater design.

There is a difference in the fit between men’s and women’s sweaters because we drafted the patterns to fit men or women!   We’ve added a bare minum of 1 inch of wearing ease.

Wear a Junior size? Are you petite or tall?  We make the sweaters for Men, Women and Juniors in any standard size – even custom sized.

Have any questions about the way the RENT® sweater would fit you? Use the Contact Form found in our shop.  We’ll be happy to discuss how our sweater design for RENT the musical costumes would fit you personally.


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