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Unshrink Wool Sweaters: How To Fix Favorite Knits

By Hobbies House / July 12, 2017

Unshrink Wool Sweaters –  Washing and deliberately shrinking wool fabric to create felted projects is one thing.  But when the DH calls out from the laundry room with a cry for help because he shrunk one of his favorite wool sweaters… you have a completely different problem! Ever had this happen to you? The following […]


Knitting Pattern Diagrams: Easy Blueprints For Quick Personal Patterns

By Hobbies House / July 10, 2017

Knitting Pattern Diagrams – They’re literally the “blueprint” for your pattern and there is no specific trick or method to creating a diagram, adding instructions to it or reading it.  Unless of course, the patterns is drafted for someone else’s use.  We’re talking personal patterns. At Hobbie’s House and Custom Costume Knits, we create our own […]


Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes: Top Quality Props

By Hobbies House / June 15, 2017

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes  The first Harry Potter © styled sweater I knit was a Hufflepuff© school uniform sweater but the second and third were knit in Ravenclaw© colors! The blue and dove gray of the House of Ravenclaw© ranks as the second most popular requested color combination for our school sweaters and scarves.


Most Popular Freddy Krueger Sweater Colors

By Hobbies House / May 26, 2017

Freddy Krueger Sweater Colors – Our Freddy Krueger sweater pattern is a simple design with wide stripes and a minimum of shaping and finishing.   Quick and easy to knit up, this is one of the most recognizable sweaters at Halloween! The stitch is plain stockinette with the only patterning required being a change in colors […]


RENT Musical Costume: Mark’s Sweater & Scarf

By Hobbies House / May 14, 2017

RENT Musical Costume – Since 2005, Mark Cohen’s trademark sweater and scarf have steadily climbed the ranks of our most popular items of knitwear. Post updated on February 6, 2019. “Rentheads” everywhere buy RENT musical costumes. So do actors who ace the lead role in productions from High School drama presentations to community theaters across […]


Turn Around Time – Guide To CCK Delivery Schedule

By Hobbies House / May 12, 2017

Turn Around Time – Delivery Schedule Although we are close to “never not knitting”,  knitting to our specifications does require a certain amount of time.  We also eat, sleep and more often than not – life happens. Standard turn around time (4-6 weeks) is dictated by the volume of orders we receive from all sources.


Misses RENT© Sweater Measurements

By Hobbies House / May 6, 2017

Misses RENT© Sweater Measurements – The following measurements are for a RENT© styled, medium weight, ribbed pullover sweater in Misses standard sizes. For a great fit, please note that this sweater is designed specifically for women – not for men. Post updated February 5, 2019.

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