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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sweater: Secrets To A Great Fit

By Hobbies House / October 24, 2016

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sweater – Recently, the fit of ready-made pullover sweaters purchased online has become the subject of customer inquiries with questions such as “why don’t the sweaters fit corretly?”. We can’t answer that question because we have no clue as to the sizing measurements these companies use in the manufacture of their knitwear. But… we […]


Sock Hop Cardigan Sweater: How To Make A 50’s Style Sweater

By Hobbies House / September 22, 2016

Sock Hop Cardigan Sweater!  It’s what you need if you’re ready to rock around the clock. For Halloween 2016 why not dress like a 1950’s glamour girl or maybe the cutest girl at the sock hop?  The sweater has been a favorite of mine since it was made popular in the 1950s. Take a gray circle skirt with […]


Sweater Measurements For Children: Knitting For Toddler 2T To A Size 14

By Hobbies House / July 24, 2016

Sweater Measurements For Children – In this post, we’re including sizing and measurement details for a range of other sizes from toddlers to the Child’s size 14. Gathering toddler sizing information and measurements started with a request several years ago to share our sweater measurements for a child’s 3T then an inquiry about a Child’s 4T.  Here are […]


Crew Neck Sweater Pattern: Child’s Size 4 Sweater Measurements

By Hobbies House / April 30, 2016

Crew Neck Sweater Pattern – In this post, we’ll review a basic crew neck set-in sleeve knitting pattern for a child’s size 4 sweater. In our recent Sweater Measurements For Children post, we review and list measurements for the entire range of toddler and children’s sizes. “What are the measurements for a Size 4 sweater?” […]


Best Toddler Sweater Length? Read These Few Tips

By Hobbies House / April 29, 2016

The Best Toddler Sweater Length may not exist!  Today we answer another in our series of frequently asked questions by visitors to our website. The  question: What is the best toddler sweater length? Our Answer: First let’s determine where and how the Toddler sizes section appears on the standard garment industry sizing chart. Seems like […]


Junior Size Measurements: Easy Guide To Tween Fit

By Hobbies House / April 15, 2016

Junior Size Measurements – Here is an quick guide to those “in-between” sizes we call Junior sizes.     Need help? We’ll be happy to answer any sizing questions.  Just drop us a line using the contact form in the sidebar.  Clover Fiberglass Tape Following is one of our “frequently asked questions” when it comes to […]


Difference Between Junior and Misses Sizes: Where Do You Fit In?

By Hobbies House / April 13, 2016

Difference between Junior and Misses sizes: Is there a difference between girls junior size clothes and regular Misses sizes? We’ve put together information related to junior size clothes and sweaters to fit girls, juniors, and women along with the corresponding measurements. We also compare the fit to Children sizes and those in the “Misses” range of sizes. A “Junior” […]


International Clothing Size Conversion

By Hobbies House / April 2, 2016

International Clothing Size Conversion is tricky.    How do you shop for clothes?  By looking for a Small, Medium or Large or do you look for a specific size such as a 10 or 12? How often do you walk into a boutique or clothing store and when asked by the sales person “what size are you […]

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