Gift Ideas For Knitters: Top 10 On The Christmas Wish List

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These top 10 gift ideas for knitters are sure to make any Holiday [popup_product]wish list[/popup_product]!

I’m always on the lookout for gift ideas for knitters.  Some of these “ideas” might make it on my wish list so why not surprise them with a totally unexpected gift for their favorite hobby?

After more than 40 years in the business and more than 60 years as a hand knitter, I’m not ashamed to say that I still have a Holiday wish list when it comes to knitting tools, gadgets, and learning material.

Do you have a knitter in your family – someone who, like me, is “never not knitting”? Always at a loss for or wondering about the next perfect gift idea?

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The following “Top 10” list will make it easy to select the ideal surprise.

After all, don’t you do want another pair of comfy socks, a designer style sweater knit in the softest merino wool or maybe a classic bomber style jacket knit in a worsted weight [popup_product]Donegal tweed[/popup_product]?

This list is for anyone who would love to explore the myriad possibilities of having fun knitting on two or 150 needles.

Perhaps that someone is YOU.

So Many Gift Ideas For knitters!

Knitting on two needles is the most accepted for of knitting.  However, machine knitting should not be considered  “cheating” any more than the circular plastic gadgets have a right to be called knitting machines.

Machine knitting is just the use of a different method to achieve the same results.

LK 150 Knitting Machine

Imagine knitting on 150 needles!  It is just as easy [easier in my opinion] to knit on 150 needles as it is to knit on two needles.

Combine the knowledge of traditional knitting with machine knitting and the sky is the limit.

The LK 150 is considered a “hobby knitter” but don’t let that moniker fool you.

The only “lightweight” feature is its weight.   With needles spaced at 6.5 millimeters, it is considered a mid-gauge machine meaning that it is the perfect tool to knit hand knitting yarns from sports to DK and worsted weights for a hand-knit look.

Silver Reed LK150 6.5mm MidGauge 150 Needle Hobby Knitting Machine 38

There is a slight learning curve to machine knitting but nothing to be concerned about because the machine includes a fabulous instruction manual as compared to the manuals that came with Japanese machine nearly 50 years ago.

Those were literal translations from Japanese and required hours of deciphering the instructions – it was easier to learn the language or experiment on the machine itself!

Easy Machine Knitting Patterns

This machine makes it pure fun to knit.  We have a detailed write up on the LK 150 along with photos.

You will find a nice selection of books for new mid-gauge knitters but the fun lies in knowing that you can translate any hand knitting pattern and make it on this machine.

Need a machine knitting teacher [we have you covered] or easy machine knitting patterns? We have you covered there as well.  Check out our current collection of free knitting patterns for [popup_product]Harry Potter[/popup_product]© styled knits but be on the lookout for new machine knitting patterns for a variety of knitwear from costuming pieces to one of a kind sweaters.

All our new knitting patterns will feature designs knit on the LK 150.

Graph Paper Pads for Charted Designs

Gift Ideas For Knitters - Needlework Graph PaperwWe all have a wonderful design to knit into (via Intarsia knittingGift Ideas For Knitters) or duplicate stitchGift Ideas For Knitters onto a sweater.  Read more about how we embellish sweaters.

The problem comes when you want to draw it and transcribe the motif into a charted design.

Here is where you need knitting graph paper! Yarntree offers graph and tracing paper for knitting and duplicate stitch designs.  Their pads come in two gauges: 5 stitches by 7 rows and 10 stitches by 14 rows to the inch.

For any design, it is important to match the proportions of your stitch and row gauge.

Japanese for Knitters

Why do I need to learn a new language?

Obviously, you don’t have to learn the language – just Japanese for machine knittersGift Ideas For Knitters (or hand knitters) and how to read the symbols and shorthand used when creating a knitting pattern.

I have personally learned so much from the graphs, diagrams and the method used in writing out a knitting pattern that the urge to know “how did they do that?” was always irresistible! So I learned all the Japanese language related to knitting.

Zaza magazineGift Ideas For Knitters is considered a collector’s item but leaf through any copy of Nihon Vouge knitting magazine to uncover some of the best techniques and haute couture designs in the knitwear industry.  Knitting with Noro hand-dyed yarns [hint, hint….a 10 pack of Noro yarn would be a spectacular gift :-)] is a real pleasure and so is leafing through their seasonal pattern collections [another super gift for any knitter]!

Whether you are an avid hand knitter or a novice machine knitter, Japanese knitting magazines are like technical manuals – another level in the learning experience.

Noro #10 Spring Summer 2017Noro #10 Spring Summer 2017Noro #7 Fall-Winter 2015-16Noro #7 Fall-Winter 2015-16


Online Knitting Classes

Craftsy rules the video world with their online knitting classes.  Many are free, but they are always running a sale on superior classes.

Once you’ve purchased the class, it stays in your account so that you can review the course material, ask questions and go over any part of the class you need to review.

I own several of their classes including Knit Faster with Portuguese Knitting and Machine Knitting Essential Techniques because Susan Guagliumi is a top notch instructor.  More than 25 years after taking my first class with Susan, I continue to benefit from her knitting expertise.

You can’t go wrong with the prices, and I recommend any class wholeheartedly.  The only problem you may encounter is deciding which topic to select.

Portuguese Knitting Videos

While we’re on the subject of videos, please check out Andrea Wong’s videos on Portuguese knitting.

I suffer from carpal tunnel and tendonitis and this is now the only way I can knit for more than 30 minutes at a time without experiencing any stiffness in my hands and wrists.

Looking for speedy knitting? I’m not sure I could knit the “old fashioned” way anymore 🙂

Jumbo Wool Winder

Whether you knit with two needles or 150, all knitters need a wool winder.  None more yanking the strand of yarn from the center of the skein!

In a hurry to make a center pull yarn ball? ====> Pick the perfect yarn winder!

With a center pull ball, knitting is smoother, and your stitches will be more even.

A jumbo wool winder is a perfect tool for sports and worsted weight yarns – wind up to 10 ounces of yarn.  There is also a wool winder for lace and fingering weight yarns.

Flexible Curve Rulers

36 Inch (90cm) Flexible Curve Ruler For Garment Design36 Inch (90cm) Flexible Curve Ruler For Garment Design

Flexible curve rulers are a must for anyone who sews or knits.  In flat pattern drafting, these are prime tools of the trade.


Even a novice knitter can use flexible rulers.

Use them to calculate the required number of stitches to pick up and knit along an armhole or neckline.


Most Japanese rulers come ruled in centimeters on one side and inches on the other.

The ideal length for a curve ruler is 24 inches but there is a 30-inch model that should cover just about any required measurement.

Conversions from centimeters to inches and vice versa is as simple as multiplying or dividing by 2.54.


While a flexible curve is not included, this set of pattern making tools should cover everything required by anyone ready to jump into the deep end of pattern drafting.  It is just as useful when aimed at grading and pattern drafting for knitwear!

Subscription To A Knitting Magazine

I love knitting magazines! Never have enough of them except that my craft “library” will have to be enlarged to make room for one more magazine storage box! Consider an online subscription!

Gift Certificate or Gift Card

This may be the easiest gift idea for a knitter!  A gift card is not terribly personal but if it is the right gift card or a gift certificate to the yarn store of their dreams then you have an all around winner.  All you need to do it determine a dollar amount and step away from the yarn stash!

Anything From The Etsy Knitting Category!

Looking for stocking stuffers or the very unusual gift?  Check out Etsy’s gifts for knitters!  I’m going to add a pottery or wood yarn bowl to my list along with those cute hang tags!  Unique yarn markers marker perfect stocking stuffer too.

Take time to review the items on this list but I may just create another top 10 list in the near future!

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about them. Drop a few hints about knowing what you would like for your birthday or Christmas this year then leave these gift ideas for knitters it a very conspicuous place 🙂

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