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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes: Top Quality Props (June 2017)

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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes 

The first Harry Potter​© styled sweater I knit was a Hufflepuff© school uniform sweater but the second and third were knit in Ravenclaw© colors!

The blue and dove gray of the House of Ravenclaw© ranks as the second most popular requested color combination for our school sweaters and scarves.​


☑️ Wizard Robes!

Needless to say, the robe is the most important part of the costume. Take a few minutes to review our post on the best DIY robe patterns and tutorials.
Custom made robes can still be ordered in both the gaming style and in the "House" style.
Order early. Custom made robes take about 4 weeks to complete.

The Ravenclaw© robe pictured above is a custom model made to match our House colors.   Years ago, several vendors, including Hobbie's House, got together to ensure that the colors of our various Harry Potter© related products matched as closely as possible!   

harry potter house sweaters - poa school sweater in blue and silver

Custom made robes come in a wide price range of prices.

The price point varies according to materials and design details such as knotted frog closure versus a covered button tab.    

I would not mind a fleece robe for those chilly Hogwarts© corridors.  Might not be totally authentic but it is warm.

Imagine being able to request a detail as small as the correct patch for the robe or pockets for your wand!    Accuracy reigns supreme!

Other factors that affect the cost include authenticity in style, materials, design and above all skilled labor.   

As a seamstress, I can attest to the fact that the Quidditch© robes are more time consuming to make and therefore more expensive.

It is still possible to order custom made robes but you must plan ahead.  We've noticed that the turn around time for these custom products is comparable to our custom made sweaters.​

So You Want To Knit A Vest or Sweater...


Paton​'s© Classic Wool in Worsted or Merino is our favorite yarn for quick knit Hogwarts© styled sweaters, vest and cardigans.  

The colors, pictured below, are as follows:  

  • Dark Grey Mix
  • Grey Mix
  • Royal Blue.
  • We picked the Royal Blue over the New Denim because it offers a better contrast against the Dark background.​

    Click HERE to review our entire collection of knitting patterns.

    Brava Worsted Sampler 10-Pack Cobblestone HeatherBrava Worsted Sampler 10-Pack Cobblestone Heather

    While we love to knit with Paton's© Classic Wool in Merino or Worsted, this is our favorite 100% acrylic yarn!

    The easy care and economical sport weight yarn has a more authentic shade of blue called Solstice and a beautiful shade of silver.

    Pick Cobblestone as the main color and you have the ideal COS House colors.

    With Ashpalt as the main color, you have the perfect POA shades!

    Buy Top Quality Sweaters, Vests and Cardigans

    For official merchandise, the first place to check is Warner Bros. but there are beautifully knit "authentic" cardigans, sweaters and vests to be purchased.  

    Click HERE for a spectacular new Quidditch© tunic sweater.

    We knit the Sports Team sweaters but do not include patches.  

    Custom Costume Knit's version of the blue and grey House cardigan is knit in sport weight wool. The v-neckband features a 5-button closure.  

    Looking for the cardigan in the book colors of blue and bronze?   It is one option we offer.   See the matching scarf below.  When ordering,  request these custom colors.

    This adult sized cardigan is the closest we have found to our version of the House cardigan.
    The only difference is the weight of the sweater. While our cardigan might be considered as "medium weight", the cardigan is lightweight - knit in a fine gauge lambswool. It's the real thing! This is their version of the Sports Team sweater.

    CCK's POA School Vest

    Throughout this post, we've described the Ravenclaw© House colors as blue and dove grey. The light blue and pale dove grey are the shades we associate with the COS style sweaters and vests.
    The POA colors are darker and more subdued. We use a dark blue and pewter to knit all POA styles: vests, sweaters and cardigans.

    POA Blue/Pewter WOOL Vest Size/Price


    The Wizard Scarf In Book Colors

    Our scarves are knit in easy-care premium acrylic yarns. Available here in book colors but also available in all House colors. Contact us for details.

    COS Style - Size/Price
    Custom Colors

    Real Silk Ties For Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costumes

    "Should I buy a silk tie with the House crest or without?    

    Silk ties are available in both versions, at different price points, as officially licensed products and as reproductions for costuming purposes.

     Personally, I prefer the plain tie as it may become nearly impossible to match the crest on all costume components.

    BUT if I wore ties on a regular basis and wanted a classy Hogwarts© alternative to the trapped bar style in a silk tie, I would reach for a Ravenclaw© tie from this collection.


    Budget friendly Harry Potter© Ravenclaw© costume ​props - everything from wands to vests. 

    Harry Potter© characters names, places and related terminology are copyrighted property of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

    ====> Best deals on Ravenclaw© costume props!

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