Unshrink Wool Sweaters: How To Fix Favorite Knits

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Un-shrink Wool Sweaters –  Washing and deliberately shrinking wool fabric to create felted projects is one thing. 

But when the DH calls out from the laundry room with a cry for help because he shrunk one of his favorite wool sweaters… you have a completely different problem!

Ever had this happen to you? The following article by Aldo Ciarrocchi provides us with hints and tips for the care for your wool sweaters if you have already shrunk them.

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How To Unshrink Wool Sweaters

Sometimes it happens to us all.

In a careless moment we throw our brand new Aran sweater in the washing machine or dryer

It shrinks down about eight sizes and renders it un-wearable to all but our children’s action man or Barbie Doll.

Luckily, I have a contact with some inside knowledge on this matter so I asked my friend if there was a way to un-shrink a wool sweater, he started laughing even before I could finish my question.

Well knitters, today is your lucky day. I use the information Aldo provided and have now mastered the black art of wool un-shrinking.

I am here to share it with you.

Unshrink Wool sweaters - Children's boots made from felted knit fabric

Here we go…

When wool gets wet and warm, the fibres in the wool lock themselves together and don’t want to let go, resulting in shrinkage (you can get wool warm or wet, but not both), which kind of makes washing wool garments a dangerous business.

To un-shrink the wool, soak the garment in warm water with a mild wool friendly soap for about 10 minutes. This unlocks the fibres in the wool.

Then lay the garment out on some towels in a cool place. Stretch the garment out to its original dimensions. The stretching pulls the unlocked wool fibres away from each other.

Once this is done relax and allow your wool garment to dry. The absence of heat from the drying process allows the wool fibres to set in place without locking together and shrinking the garment again.

Thats it, long story short: you will have a good as brand new, fully functional sweater again.

Take Care,


Aldo Ciarrocchi

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This article was originally posted on the Hobbie’s House of Wizard Knits website.  It continues to be a popular resource page with our readers.

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