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what is sweater ease- frequently asked questions
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These are frequently asked questions – not rants, raves or a revelation of personal information

We’ve collected these questions  since we opened the doors to Hobbie’s House in 2002.   Although many submitted questions are associated with specific orders, there are occasions when we deem many generic questions to be of interest to all potential customers.

If your question is a general topic related inquiry about sizing, measurements  fit or materials used to knit our collection of knitwear, be sure to contact us and we will build a reference site accessible to all.

All inquiries related to an actual order which contain personal information are always handled privately via email, in a threaded conversation.  Please use the same email throughout the conversation.

 Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Answers to 201 FAQ, Second Edition


We Respond To Inquiries Via Email

From time to time, we receive complaints about not answering customer email inquiries.   Our primary roles are as artisans and crafters – not office personnel.  Email is checked several times a day.

Magically enough, the emailed complaints have no trouble finding us which means all your emails are being delivered to our inbox.

Although we are now very busy throughout the year rather than just seasonally, we go through our spam email before deleting it.  There are times, however, when an email slips by unanswered due to spam filter aggressiveness.  The spam filter will automatically delete unrecognized emails or at best, send them to the spam folder.  This is where it becomes important to use of the same email throughout a conversation.  We are looking for recognizable information.

We are, however, definitely not in the business of ignoring your emails – we have too many systems in place to ensure that every legitimate email reaches our Post Box!

It always helps to white-list our domains in your email client.  It ensures that our email responses reach you.

Major announcements affecting all customers will be posted separately in topic specific posts. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years:

  • I ordered two days ago. When was the item shipped?
  • What is “custom made to order”?
  • The Team Sweater does not have a House patch – why?
  • You’re not answering my emails!
  • Why is the Team Sweater more expensive than the School Sweater?
  • Can I return my sweater?
  • I never received ANY kind of order confirmation email!
  • What are your payment options?
  • What are the shipping options?

We continue to make changes to our main website and add information to this site.

More frequently asked questions and answers – about knitting!

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