Crew Neck Sweater Pattern: Child’s Size 4 Sweater Measurements

Crew Neck Sweater Pattern - Toddler Size 4 Basic Pattern
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Crew Neck Sweater Pattern – In this post, we’ll review a basic crew neck set-in sleeve knitting pattern for a child’s size 4 sweater.

In our recent Sweater Measurements For Children post, we review and list measurements for the entire range of toddler and children’s sizes.

“What are the measurements for a Size 4 sweater?”

best toddler sweater length 4TWe receive plenty of inquiries related to measurements for toddler sweater lengths but the questions above tops the list.

We’ve knit many sweaters Size 4 sweaters because it is the ideal “in-between” size but the feedback was always the same – “they’ve already outgrown the sweater!”.

Want to design your own pattern? ==> Style your own knits for children of all ages

It fits toddlers who are way up there on the growth scale.  Gone are the toddler measurements but we’re not quite into the growth spurt.

That growth spurt is just around the corner so don’t spend too much money on this size. I call it the “wear once – pass it on” size.  Use machine wash and dry acrylic yarns!  There are so many beautiful tweeds and variegated colors available.

Don’t limit yourself to baby colors or pastels.  Go bright and bold.

Our sample sweater is knit in a fingering weight acrylic yarn but the drafted diagram can be used for any weight yarn.

 Style Your Own Kids’ Knits: Choose a PatternYou have all the measurements required to convert the pattern to sports or worsted weight yarn by calculating with a different stitch and row gauge.

Rather than simply list the measurements crew neck sweater knitting pattern, we thought it might be easier to include them on a diagram to better visualize the sweater measurements.

Make this a master knitting pattern (like the one found in this visual knitting design guide) and draw the diagram as many times as needed to match a new stitch and row gauge.

You can easily lengthen the sweater body and the sleeves.

Read about the commercial U.S. apparel sizing standards for young children.

This is the basic diagram we use to a draft a pattern.

Measurements are given for a Size 4 sweater styled as follows:

  • A low set-in sleeve cap,
  • Tapered sleeves,
  • A round neck with a 1 inch neckband.
  • Sleeves and bottom ribbing are 1 1/2 inches.

Double the length of the sleeve cuff ribbing so you can turn up the cuffs.

Never figured out why the arms grow so much faster than every other part of a kid’s body!

Size 4 Crew Neck Sweater Pattern: Basic Measurements

Crew Neck Sweater Pattern - Toddler Size 4 Basic Pattern

Toddler Size 4 Basic Pattern

  • Finished Chest = 25 1/4 inches
  • Finished Length – 15 1/3 inches or to desired length (add rows before the underarm decreases)
  • Finished Sleeve Length = 13 1/3 inches or to desired length (add rows before the underarm decreases)
Crew Neck Sweater Pattern -Toddler 4 Sleeve Diagram

Toddler 4 Sleeve Diagram

The front neckline drop is 2.8 to 3 inches deep.

Unless you are prepared to re-draft the armhole and sleeve cap, don’t make any changes to the armhole section of the sweater body or the sleeve cap.

Need to lengthen the sweater body? It is much easier to add a few rows to the straight section of the sweater body (between the ribbing and the initial underarm decreases).

To lengthen the sleeve, it is easier to add a few rows after the last increase on the sleeve or spread them out evenly along the entire sleeve length.

We like to knit a double neckband on smaller sizes to prevent stretching the neckline. We often make the neckline a little wider as well.

Do you know of any child who enjoys having a sweater pulled over their head? Mine never did.

Also, if the sweater has sufficient wearing ease, you can easily layer a turtle neck or shirt under the sweater without having neckline area “tighten up”.

[yellowbox]Another little hint – Don’t knit the ribbing over a smaller number of stitches.  Cast on using the same number of stitches required for the body and the sleeves. Just use smaller size needles. We don’t need to get that technical on a size 4 crew neck sweater pattern.[/yellowbox]

Use a smaller size of knitting needles to knit the ribbing and it will pull in the ribbed bands sufficiently without making them too tight.

Crew Neck Sweater Pattern - Toddler 4 Front/Back Diagram

Toddler 4 Front/Back Diagram

The measurements provided above are for the finished sweater …not the actual measurements of the child.

When knitting the Child’s size 4 Crew Neck Sweater Pattern figure on about 2 to 3 inches of wearing ease for a comfortable fit.

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