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Gift Ideas For Knitters: Top 10 On The Christmas Wish List

By Hobbies House / August 15, 2016

These top 10 gift ideas for knitters are sure to make any Holiday [popup_product]wish list[/popup_product]! I’m always on the lookout for gift ideas for knitters.  Some of these “ideas” might make it on my wish list so why not surprise them with a totally unexpected gift for their favorite hobby? After more than 40 years in the […]


School House Colors: How To Solve The Proportion Problem

By Hobbies House / August 12, 2016

School House Colors add that special touch to an otherwise basic sweater. Our reproduction wizard school knitwear features a simple stripe pattern to represent each of the four school houses. The stripe sequence of “House” colors is added to specific places, depending on the style of sweater you are knitting: The Original “CoS” Style: In […]


Sweater Measurements For Children: Knitting For Toddler 2T To A Size 14

By Hobbies House / July 24, 2016

Sweater Measurements For Children – In this post, we’re including sizing and measurement details for a range of other sizes from toddlers to the Child’s size 14. Gathering toddler sizing information and measurements started with a request several years ago to share our sweater measurements for a child’s 3T then an inquiry about a Child’s 4T.  Here are […]


The Initial Sweater: Have Mom Knit One For Christmas!

By Hobbies House / July 18, 2016

The Initial Sweater is here!  The initial sweater from Hobbie’s House knitting collection can be with knit with or without the initial! Remember our littlest wizards wearing their *Initial* sweaters? It was their very first Christmas Holiday season. Ready to start knitting? ==> Pick from a beautiful selection of tweed yarns Full Fledged Wizards! Twins, blue […]


Harry Potter House Colors: Compare Best Knitting Yarns

By Hobbies House / July 15, 2016

Harry Potter House Colors – Here is our guide to locating yarns in authentic colors but what are the House colors for Wizard School aka the Hogwarts® Uniforms worn to class? Here again, there are many differing opinions as to what constitutes “authentic” shades. Harry Potter House Colors – Authentic or Not? Do you own an original […]


Superhero Sweaters: Marvelous Knits For Halloween

By Hobbies House / July 10, 2016

Superhero Sweaters – We’ve started a collection of marvelous knits for Halloween.  We’ll be knitting one of a kind sweaters, cardigans and more.  Just to keep the design juices flowing. For the first time in years, our knitting equipment decided to show signs of wear and tear.  We opted for a complete overhaul rather than […]


Storing Wool Sweaters: How To Keep The Moths Away

By Hobbies House / July 2, 2016

Storing Wool Sweaters – We don’t all buy cedar chests or are lucky enough to inherit them (as I did) so what’s the best way to store wool sweaters? What are most effective methods to prevent costly damage? Let’s learn how to correctly store wool sweaters and protect them from moths and other pests by […]


Harry Potter Sweater Vest: Quick Popular Costume Accessory

By Hobbies House / June 3, 2016

Harry Potter Sweater Vest – just one of our free knitting patterns!  This pattern is for a Child’s Size 10 sleeveless V-neck vest with ribbed armbands and neckband.  The shallow back neckline is designed so that the back neckline sits smoothly across the back and for a more shaped fit around the neckline. If you prefer, you can eliminate the neckline […]


Wool Sweater Care Instructions: Don’t Shrink The Knits!

By Hobbies House / June 2, 2016

Follow these Wool Sweater Care Instructions  to add years of life to your sweaters – How do you wash a sweater? Carefully! We highly recommend professional dry cleaning for Hobbie’s New Style school sweaters and cardigans knit in WOOL.  However, the same recommendation is extended for all pure wool knitwear. We’ve had too many unpleasant […]


Inexpensive Halloween Costumes For Children: Easy Does It!

By Hobbies House / May 25, 2016

Making Inexpensive Halloween costumes for children are not that difficult to find but why not consider a homemade disguise or going the DIY route to create a unique costume for your child? Need ideas for easy and inexpensive Halloween costumes for children?  Martha Stewart Halloween 2015We’ve come across a few amazing tutorials for spectacular costumes […]

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