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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sweater: Secrets To A Great Fit

By Hobbies House / October 24, 2016

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Sweater – Recently, the fit of ready-made pullover sweaters purchased online has become the subject of customer inquiries with questions such as “why don’t the sweaters fit corretly?”. We can’t answer that question because we have no clue as to the sizing measurements these companies use in the manufacture of their knitwear. But… we […]


Sock Hop Cardigan Sweater: How To Make A 50’s Style Sweater

By Hobbies House / September 22, 2016

Sock Hop Cardigan Sweater!  It’s what you need if you’re ready to rock around the clock. For Halloween 2016 why not dress like a 1950’s glamour girl or maybe the cutest girl at the sock hop?  The sweater has been a favorite of mine since it was made popular in the 1950s. Take a gray circle skirt with […]


Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes: Best DIY Patterns & Tutorials

By Hobbies House / September 7, 2016

Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes – just in time for Halloween!  Be sure to check out the wonderful selection of DIY robes and pattern tutorials for Harry Potter® and Quidditch® styled robes I collected for this post. These patterns are offered by Hogwarts© costuming fans who continue to strive for authenticity in style and colors. But…


Harry Potter Sweater Vest: The Most Popular Knitting Pattern Sizes

By Hobbies House / August 27, 2016

The Harry Potter Sweater Vest is one of the most requested Harry Potter knitting patterns in our collection of Hogwarts© styled knits. In fact, soon after we opened Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear in 2002, the vest quickly became the top “special customizing request” from all wizards who live in warmer climates. It has remained […]


LK 150 Knitting Machine: Buy The Best Hobby Knitter

By Hobbies House / August 23, 2016

LK 150 Knitting Machine – It’s much more than a “hobby knitter”. Cast on just once and you’ll be hooked.  It’s just one of the reasons it sits at the top of our list of great gift ideas for knitters.  Why limit yourself to two needles? The term hobby does not begin to describe the […]


School Uniform Cardigan Sweater: Miss X-Small Size 4

By Hobbies House / August 17, 2016

This school uniform cardigan sweater is styled to have you fit right in as a Hogwarts© student. The pattern is a favorites in our collection of free wizard wear knitting patterns and it is drafted in an X Small Misse’s size 4. As a Harry Potter cardigan sweater, it features  a V-neck, a five-button front closure with […]


Buy Harry Potter Scarves: Get Popular Styles!

By Hobbies House / August 15, 2016

Buy Harry Potter Scarves We knit the scarves in several styles!   Harry Potter scarves in all styles are still everyone’s favorite – from the Chambers of Secrets© wide stripe version, to the Prisoner of Azkaban trapped-bar style and the Goblet of Fire ribbed scarf! The Beast version looks positively splendid! In a hurry for a […]

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