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Sweater Care Instructions: Quality Acrylics Become Heirloom Treasures

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Sweater Care instructions – These directions for sweater care have allowed us to keep sample sweaters knit more than twenty years ago in excellent, hand-me-down condition.  Knit with premium quality acrylic fibers. these sweaters are now heirlooms.

Don’t throw that sweater, vest or scarf into the laundry tub LDR 040 6000 Complete 19-Gallon Laundry Utility Tub with Pull-Out Faucet New Price: $108.95 Old Price: $108.95 (as of 03/22/2018 21:14 UTC) with the rest of the laundry!  Follow these directions for the best in sweater care and the knitwear you purchase from Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear will look good for years to come.

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Harry Potter Quidditch Sweater: Ultimate Sports Gear In Team Colors

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Harry Potter Quidditch Sweater  – Team sports are in! The Prisoner of Azkaban® style Team sweater aka a Harry Potter Quidditch sweater is a favorite of Wizarding fans near and far.    Out of the entire collection of Hogwarts© styled reproduction sweaters, it’s also my favorite.  In maroon and old gold.

The colors are darker and richer and there is a narrow band of contrast color trim at the bottom of the sweater body and sleeves.

DIY Robes For A Quidditch© Costume!

Putting Together The Perfect Harry Potter Quidditch Costume

In a hurry to complete the original Quidditch costume? Costume shops still offer Deluxe quality robes to wear over the sweater.

The Custom Costume Knits reproduction of a Harry Potter Quidditch SweaterWhen the tunic like sweater was first seen in the movie, there were few really good photos to study this particular version of fandom knitwear.

Over time, we knit quite a few of heavy ribbed tunic styled sweaters – in all House colors.

Our main computer crashed a couple months ago and took all of our original pics!

Guess we’ll just have to knit a sample just to get some new photos.

Can I hear three cheers for the Maroon & Old Gold? 🙂


At Custom Costume Knits, the sweaters come in colors to match the scarves.  The colors seen in the pic are not accurate.

We applied a “comic book” filter to it.  The colors are dark marine blue and silver grey.

In 2016, after 14 years, these colors remain as authentic as possible, particularly when working with acrylic fibers.

We designed the Team Sweater in richer colors, a wider accent stripe at the neck band, and narrow accent stripes near the sleeve “cuff” and near the bottom of the sweater body.

The sweater comes in the following:

  • Maroon and old gold
  • Dark green and pewter grey
  • Dark, “marine” blue with silver grey
  • Old gold with black

US Quidditch Rulebook, Ninth EditionUS Quidditch Rulebook, Ninth EditionQuidditch Through the AgesQuidditch Through the Ages


[yellowbox]Pick a team to cheer on – Make plans now to attend the US Quidditch Cup 10 this coming Spring![/yellowbox]

The Harry Potter Quidditch Sweater Is Super Warm & Comfortable!

teamsweatersampleThis heavy-weight reproduction pullover sweater is knit of 100% acrylic yarns for softness, durability and wash ‘n wear ability.

We knit this style sweater in all 4 Prisoner of Askaban® color combinations. We also use the same unique stitch pattern.

Only the design style has changed!

This unique stitch produces an overall cushiony, padded” effect.

The materials are the same high quality, imported yarns as those used to knit the wizard scarf, the school sweater, and the COS styled Sports Team sweater.

Go ahead!

Change into your sports team sweater and get set for this high energy sport wearing your favorite colors from Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear.

This style is:

  • Tunic length – Check out these great Knit Rib Fabrics
  • Has modified set in sleeves,
  • A rugby shirt “look”, with the back slightly longer than the front,
  • Side seam slits,
  • And a higher neckline than the original Team Sweater.

This wizarding game is still fast and furious.

You will still need a robe, the protective gear and of course a lightning quick broom.

The Team sweater (in both the COS and the POA styles) is also available in children’s sizes.

 Quidditch Patch Embroidered Iron / Sew Badge Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set Quidditch Bludger Bat and Ball Toy Set Seeker Logo Embroidered Iron


Knit An Adult Size PoA Team Sweater

Knitting the Harry Potter Quidditch sweater? Send for the sizing and measurements we use as a basis for our custom patterns. These are the measurements we tweak to customize for a perfect fit.

Check out our listing of authentic looking Harry Potter House colors.  These are the colors we’ve chosen as the closest to the original as seen in the movies.

Resources: Below is the measurement chart we use to knit the Harry Potter Quidditch sweater in sizes for Junior, Ladies and Men.

Basic Measurements for the adult size Quidditch® sweater

Measurements are displayed in this order: BUST, BODY LENGTH AND SLEEVE LENGTH:

Select the size that comes nearest to your ACTUAL bust measurements.

o Size 7: 34.5 Bust
o Size 9: 35.5 Bust
o Size 11: 36.5 Bust
o Size 13: 37.5 Bust = Ladies Size 12
o Size 15: 39 Bust= Ladies Size 14

Select the size that comes nearest to your ACTUAL bust measurement

o Size 8: 35 / 27 / 23
o Size 10: 36 / 27 / 23.25
o Size 12: 37.5 / 27.5 /23.5
o Size 14: 39 / 28 / 23.75
o Size 16: 40.5 / 28.5 / 24

Select the size that comes nearest to your ACTUAL chest measurement.

o 36: Length 27 Sleeve 24.5
o 38: Length 27.5 Sleeve 25
o 40: Length 28 Sleeve 26
o 42: Length 28 Sleeve 26.25
o 44: Length 28.5 Sleeve 26.25
o 46: Length 28.5 Sleeve 26.5

 Harry Potter Quidditch Kit Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles Quidditch Harry Potter Broom Quidditch Helmet


Order The Quidditch© Style Team Sweater

Both Quidditch sweaters styles are identical in size and fit.

The only difference is in the design.  The POA styled sweater features two narrow stripes at the bottom of the sweater body and at the bottom of the sleeves.  The original Chamber of Secrets© styled sweater does not have any narrow stripes – only the wide chest and sleeve stripes.

As with our entire collection of Hogwarts© styled reproduction sweaters, the Harry Potter© Quidditch sweater comes in all House Colors.

For questions about sizing or any aspect of sweater fit, please do not hesitate to contact Custom Costume Knits.

To order our version of the Harry Potter Quidditch sweater, please review the sizes in the listing below then contact us with sizing questions or any other questions related to ordering this custom made sweater.


Team Sweater Men’s Sizes/Prices


Please note that there is a difference in the design form and fit of the Ladies sweater. It is designed for women. 🙂


Team Sweater Misses Sizes/Prices

When emailing us with questions or with any potential order, please include your favorite “style” option (Chamber of Secrets® or Prisoner of Azkaban®) and House Colors.

Our sweaters are knit in premium quality imported acrylic fibers for wash and wearability!

Lochaven® of Scotland produces a beautiful sweater in fine lambswool if you are looking for a more delicate garment. Just be careful when you wash the sweater!

While our version has a longer back than front for a tunic style, it is not as long as the one on the Lochaven® model.

We also decided not to create visible wrist and bottom bands – only because we preferred maintaining the ribbed pattern.

Sock Hop Cardigan Sweater: How To Make A 50’s Style Sweater

sock hop cardigan sweater - knitpicks-brava-cotton-candy Posts contain affiliate links so readers can locate resources and materials mentioned in the articles. Thank you.

Let’s Knit A sock hop cardigan sweater!  Ready to rock around the clock?

For Halloween 2016 why not dress like a 1950’s glamour girl or maybe the cutest girl at the sock hop?  The sweater has been a favorite of mine since it was made popular in the 1950s.

Take a gray circle skirt with a cinch belt, a white shirt with a pink cardigan, a pair of saddle shoes, bobby socks and you have a classic sock hop costume!

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes: Best DIY Patterns & Tutorials

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Harry Potter Hogwarts robes – just in time for Halloween!  Be sure to check out the wonderful selection of DIY robes and pattern tutorials for Harry Potter® and Quidditch® styled robes I collected for this post.

In a hurry? Here’s is another great source for vintage sewing patterns and pdf tutorials.

These patterns are offered by Hogwarts© costuming fans who continue to strive for authenticity in style and colors.

Need a Wizard Robe ASAP?

We continue to collect the best resources on our Pinterest board but in this post, we’ve picked out some of our favorite patterns and tutorials. Some are fun, quick and easy while others are more time consuming.

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Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater: Easy & Free Knitting Patterns!

Harry-Potter-cardigan-sweater-patterns-social-media Posts contain affiliate links so readers can locate resources and materials mentioned in the articles. Thank you.

Harry Potter Cardigan Sweater: Are you ready to knit a cardigan using one of our free Harry Potter knitting patterns?

Knit one, or maybe two versions of this versatile addition to your school uniform or regular Fall wardrobe – before the mercury drops or in time for Halloween.

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