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Terms Of Service

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Terms of service – Sales Policy:  A sales policy is normally replete with legalese so we thought we would write this one in plain English.

We’ve been in the custom knitting business since 1975 and until 2005, we did not feel it necessary to bring such a policy to the attention of our customers or website visitors.

Unfortunately, over the years and as recently as 2014, certain events and situations made it necessary for us to post the following details on our site.

*We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order. This includes but is not limited to cancellations and refunds on the grounds of poor communication, unverifiable information, or reasons deemed relevant to the situation which prompted the refund.

*No refunds on knitwear which has been worn.

*No refunds on knitwear which has been damaged while worn.   Each item of knitwear is photographed in detail prior to packaging to provide us with documented verification that the item was shipped in excellent condition.

*PayPal payments receive PayPal refunds.  Refunds require registration with PayPal. Their rule – not ours.

*Once we apply the refund option in PayPal and the funds are transferred out of our account, it is up to the customer to proceed with any actions required to claim their refund.

*Immediately upon applying a full refund, orders are automatically cancelled and removed from the production schedule.

*We reserve the right to update our product prices and shipping costs at any time. However, we will not change the price or shipping fees of an existing order.

Dateline 12/16/2016:   We have always worked diligently to process special “due date” requests. However, when an order does not include any indication of a special “due by” date,  and there is no email communication related to a special delivery date, we can only assume that the order is to be processed in the sequence received, within our standard turn around time. When it is discovered that we cannot deliver a custom made item per a specific due date, we automatically issue a full refund and cancel the order.

The Custom Costume Knits website is quite new compared to Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear.  However, we strive to be as accurate as possible in our content and pricing.

We cannot guarantee that product descriptions, specifications, pricing and other details on the site is 100% accurate, complete, or current 100% of the time.

There do have elves running about but the rest of us are only human.  There are times when a product edit flies under the radar and is not updated along with the rest of the inventory. Brought to our attention, these errors can immediately be rectified.

Product reviews and links to theme related resources are intended to provide visitors with additional information.

These reviews can become outdated and resources may no longer be available. Unless otherwise specified, these reviews and resource links do not constitute an express recommendation of said products and resources.

We are not accountable for the quality of their goods or services.

Thank you.

Custom Costume Knits

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