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RENT Musical Costume: Mark’s Sweater & Scarf

rent musical costume
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RENT Musical Costume – Since 2005, Mark Cohen’s trademark sweater and scarf have steadily climbed the ranks of our most popular items of knitwear. Post updated on February 6, 2019.

“Rentheads” everywhere buy RENT musical costumes. So do actors who ace the lead role in productions from High School drama presentations to community theaters across the United States and around the world.

Our sweater set even made it to SNL in May 2018!

RENT Musical Costume Sweater & Scarf

525,600 Minutes…If you are like me, I never tire of listening to my favorite songs from the RENT musical. Especially this one!

Mark Cohen sweater and scarf on SNL May 12, 2018
Mark Cohen sweater and scarf on #SNL May 12, 2018

Men’s RENT© Style Sweater

The Men’s RENT® Musical costume sweater is designed for men.

Medium weight, ribbed pullover sweater.   For a great fit, please note that the sweater is designed differently for men than it is for women.

Do you wear Tall sizes?   Let us know and we’ll adjust the length.

Click on the link to Review Men’s RENT Sweater Measurements

Misses RENT© Style Sweater

The Misses RENT® Musical costume sweater is designed specifically for the female form.

Medium weight, ribbed pullover sweater.   Sweater measurements for Mark Cohen’s trademark RENT sweater in Misses standard sizes are listed below.

For a great fit, please note that the sweater is designed differently for women than it is for men.  

Do not order Men’s sizes and expect it to fit just because the measurements are “close enough”. There is a difference in the overall shape of each sweater piece.

  • Tall – Over 5’9“?   Let us know and we’ll adjust the length.
  • Petite- 5’3″ and under?   Let us know and we’ll adjust all measurements to Petite sizes.

Click on the link to Review Misses RENT Sweater Measurements


Contact Us for the CURRENT Delivery Date, Price & ordering options.

Minimum Turn Around Time Is 4 To 6 Weeks.

How To Order A Custom Sized RENT Sweater

  • Please contact us prior to ordering a RENT® Musical sweater to discuss sizing and fit, custom measurements, the current delivery date and your “need by date”.
  • For custom sizes – we prepare and email a PayPal invoice for review and payment. Custom sizing is an additional 40%.
  • We need your shipping address [domestic or international] to determine accurate shipping charges. Depending on the size, the sweater and scarf combination weighs more than 2.5 pounds.
  • We ship USPS Priority Mail to continental destinations [3 day minimum shipping time frame] and First Class Mail International to worldwide destinations [Malaysia and Australia takes more than 10 days]. International shipments include an undetermined amount of time in Customs Clearance.
  • Below, we’ve listed sample shipping charges.  Click on the link for more information about current shipping rates and transit time.
  • Shipping to certain South American destinations take even longer, in particular Argentina.
  • Rush orders (delivery within three weeks) are not available. Why?

Previous orders already exist in the production queue. ALL orders are processed in the sequence received.

Our yarns come in dye lots. We do not combine dye lots in a sweater and may need to re-order materials to complete a new order.

Knitting and assembly of the sweater and scarf requires a minimum amount of turn around time.

Sample Shipping Charges

Past shipping charges for the RENT ©sweater:

  • Men’s 32 Sweater / First Class Mail (Air) to Ontario, Canada $14.65 (October 2015)
  • Men’s 32 Sweater / First Class Mail (Air) to Moscow, Russia $21.95 (October 2015)
  • Men’s 36 Sweater-Scarf/Priority Mail to California $21.03 (February 2018)
  • Men’s 44 Sweater / First Class Mail (Air) to Singapore $25.00 (October 2016)
  • Men’s 44 Sweater/Priority Mail to California $21.03 (February 2018)
  • Men’s 42 Sweater + Regular Scarf/ First Class Mail (Air) to Australia $37.75 (April 2017)
  • Men’s 38 Sweater/ First Class Mail (Air) to Australia $22 .75 (April 2017)
  • Continental & International shipping charges increase on a regular basis.

Turn Around Time – Delivery Schedule For All Knitwear

Please note that we do not carry any inventory for immediate shipment.    All items are custom made to order and delivered according to our current delivery schedule.


While many RENT© sweaters and scarves are knit for “Rentheads” all around the globe, most orders are custom knit for the “Mark Cohen” character in High School drama and theater productions, as well as community theater productions across the United States from California to New York, CanadaEurope, South America, Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Asia!

RENT Styled Scarf

Mark Cohen's trademark striped scarf

Mark Cohen’s trademark striped scarf as seen in the RENT® movie musical.

The scarf is a custom made reproduction of the popular scarf.   It’s a perfect match for the sweater.

One size fits all but the scarf is available in trendy narrow width or regular width.

Navy and white.  Knit in 100% acrylic. Machine wash and dry – Cold water and low heat.

The T-Shirt RENT® Styled Sweater

For those who prefer a lightweight RENT© sweater in an authentic looking style, we also knit a t-shirt version of Mark Cohen’s trademark sweater.

The sweater is a single knit acrylic garment with set-in sleeves and hemmed cuffs and bottom. No ribbing at all!

We have more than enough yarn to knit up smaller sizes combining this blue and that blue and the maroon too. Some sweaters become t-shirts to make the best use of our yarn stash.


T-Shirt Style Sweater In Misses Sizes

Sizes & Price
Special Instructions

T-Shirt Style Sweater in Men’s Sizes.

Sizes & Price
Special Instructions
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